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i got a traxxas velineon brushless system which the motor failed after only 2 weeks taking teh esc with it, which is not a problem as that is the nature of electronics and it was suppose to have a lifetime electronics warranty. well i contacted traxxas only to be told that

1. motor isnt warrantied

2. warranty of esc is only 30 days (everywhere selling this says traxxas has a lifetime electronics warranty)

3. was hung up on

so i posted on thier forums wanting help only to have my pleas fall on deaf ears from traxxas employees. finally i gave up posting a response as to my dissatisfaction with the company, its products, and more importantly its customer service and business practices only to be banned from the traxxas forums. so my advice is that if you are looking for something in the radio control car or electronics area AVOID traxxas like the plaugue. from what i have seen they make inferior products, have lousy customer service and rude employees and lie about the length of warranty to get you to buy thier products.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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ok i just got ahold of traxxas again and the first time i was hung up on and i called back and asked if they had phone issues. the csr said no and proceeded to listen as i explaind my issue and he gave me some options. let em say that jeff at traxxas has redeemed the company because he treated me with what every csr should, RESPECT!

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